“Site-Reading for Gold and Silver” Clive Clynick


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“Site-Reading for Gold and Silver: Understanding Beach, Shore and Inland Metal Detecting Sites” – 08
By Clive James Clynick
These proven methods for choosing, assessing and examining treasure hunting locations will help you to become a more accurate and effective treasure hunter. Topics include:
· “Site-reading” for gold.
· “Guesstimating” the potential of sites based upon key factors.
· Recognizing “hotspots” within sites.
· Versatility and on-site problem solving.
· Assessing and working difficult or previously hunted sites.
· Understanding strata, “precipitate” and shore grades.
· Learning from what’s in the ground.
· Building your skills “kit.”
· Assessing resort and beach sites from photographs.
· Working sites with dense trash or iron.
· Using your time in the field effectively.
(84 pages, 8.5 x 5.5)