6″ X 42″ Long Sluice Box with Micro/Mini Dream Mat Combo


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6″x42″ Mini/Micro Mat Dream Mat Combo. Sturdy .05 thk, 6″ x 41-1/2″ Aluminum sluice box. This combo is perfect for back yard cleanups & can easily be strapped to your day pack or fit in your backpack. The 6″x16″ mats easily cleans out into a pan or 5-gallon bucket. Light enough to go where you go! The Mini Mat Dream Mat can’t be beat, it finds GOLD in all the other systems tailings. Over 68,000 views of Mini Mat outperforming the latest competition. This mat has become the measure of the bar in fine gold recovery around the world. Join Dream Mat fans around the world, experience gold recovery only the pro could achieve. More gold is more fun!

What’s in your Box?

Sluice & then finish sluice to reduce your cons in one package. Have very small number of cons to deal with. Making your trip less work & more fun than other outdated conventional riffles!

Less concentrates, More Gold, less time wasted searching sluice concentrates, easier to pan out concentrated gold, it’s like having a professional miner in you backpack.