Advanced Shallow Water Metal Detecting: Tips, Tric


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Advanced Shallow Water Metal Detecting: Tips, Tricks and Methods for the Shoreline Treasure Hunter – 03

Clive James Clynick is the author of 12 previous detecting “how-to” books and numerous articles. In this, his most advanced book to date, Mr. Clynick instructs the reader on how to become a more versatile and effective shoreline treasure hunter. Topics include:

Equipment Handling: “Suiting Up and Showing Up”
Assessing Shoreline Grades
VLF and Pulse Induction Methods and Applications
“Harnessing Pulsepower”
Rough and Deep Water Hunting Skills
“Systematic” Hunt Methods
Understanding Shoreline Classification and Exchange
Assessing and Detecting Old Sites
Combining Tools, Skills and Methods
and much more
(8.5 X 5.5 softbound, 115 pages, $16.95)