KOSS UR-30 Minelab Headphones


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The Minelab Koss UR-30 headphone is a high quality metal detecting headset with a closed leatherette padded cushion that provides sealed full ear coverage, enabling it to block out traffic, wind, and interference from other metal detectors in the vicinity. Equipped with an anisotropic magnet, and a 1.4 mil mylar element, this high fidelity stereophone delivers a crisp clear treble and a deep bass, allowing you to detect treasure, no matter how deeply buried, and how faint the tone. Weighing but 12 oz, Koss UR-30 headphones are built for durability and have a collapsible design, making them easy to tote and store. Ideal as a back-up metal detector headphone, or for home use, it’s equipped with 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch stereo plugs, and comes with a single entry eight foot cord. The UR-30 is backed by a three year manufacturer’s warranty issued by Minelab.


18-20,000 Hz frequency response

< 0.2% distortion

101 dBSPL/mW sensitivity

100 ohms impedance