Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector


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Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector – 3720-0002

with 11″ Double-D Smart Coil and Bluetooth Headphones with WM 08 Wireless Module.

The EQUINOX 800 Metal Detector with Multi-IQ technology, redefines all-purpose detecting for beginners to serious enthusiasts. Adaptable for all target types and ground conditions makes the 800 a true turn and go metal detector.

With the added functionality of Gold Mode, High Frequency 20/40 kHz., Wireless audio accessories and Advanced settings, the EQUINOX 800 offers extra versatility.

The EQUINOX 800 Gold mode is designed to enhance performance on small gold nuggets in mineralized ground. It does so primarily by using different audio processing so that targets respond both in volume and pitch. The Gold Mode will be of interest to gold prospectors, but has less application for other uses. More to the point, Multi-IQ is so good in both Park 2 and Field 2, that these profiles are as good if not better, at finding gold nuggets, than many dedicated single-frequency gold detectors! People who regularly detect for gold nuggets will likely want the EQUINOX 800.

The EQUINOX 800 adds the ability to shift non-ferrous tones and volumes, which can be helpful for those who hunt strictly by ear. These options can also be an aid to those with extreme hearing loss in a particular audio range.

The other big difference between the EQUINOX 600 and the EQUINOX 800 is the “Advanced Settings” that allow for a finer degree of tuning on various options. The EQUINOX 800 has eight levels for finer tuning in the densest “carpet of nails” scenarios. The low settings offer more solid hits on very deep targets, but poor separation of closely adjacent targets. The high settings have great separation, but the clipped audio responses required in dense trash make it harder to hear very deep targets.

The EQUINOX 800 has a User Profile button that allows the operator to jump straight to an alternative Detect Mode. For example, to get from Park 1 to Beach 1 it only takes four pushes of the Detect Mode button to cycle through. You can also program an extra User Profile to get there in one button push. The EQUINOX 800 also has Low, Medium, High, or Off back-lit settings for the heavy users who want to conserve energy consumption.

The EQUINOX series both have automatic Noise Cancel but the 800 also offers a Manual override. If you hunt in areas of high electrical interference (EMI), or around lots of other detectors, this might be helpful in finding the quietest setting with the least interference. Automatic is great and most people will never use Manual.

The hard-core detectorists who want the extra features on the 800 will appreciate the extra perks and settings the machines have to offer.